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Fire Damage

Each year fires cause $8.6 billion in direct property loss.

Since Har-Bro has been in the industry for over 51 years, we are well-known to local fire and police departments as well as city officials.  They routinely call us out to secure...

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Water Damage

Restoration Services Regardless of the Size of the Water Damage

Har-Bro understands how critical it is to respond to water damage immediately. Rather than “relying on” third party answering services, Har-Bro maintains two,  24-hour, Har-Bro...

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Building Damage

There is a multitude of possibilities in how a building can become damaged.

Damages may consist of compromising the structural integrity of the building, marring of cosmetic features, and damaging of windows and doors, fencing, block walls, broken pipes...

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Hazardous, Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Removal Service

Our technicians undergo weekly training and annual certification in the areas or property restoration, equipment maintenance, and safety procedures according to OSHA...